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Custom Tombstones Are Perfected With The Right Tombstones Messages

For centuries people have marked the final resting place of their family with tombstones. Through the years, styles and designs of tombstones have changed, but the sentiment behind them remains the same. It allows future generations to pay respects to the departed. Further, it tells people that this is a holy place and most governments will not allow the grounds to be disturbed. Technology evolved allowing tombstone manufactures to create more detailed designs, customers began expecting more personalization with their tombstones messages.

The tombstones message expresses with few words how the departed is viewed. This is not easy, especially if the deceased was a mother. The tombstone messages for mother is one of the harder selections. Because of that, manufacturers of tombstones have spent years collecting messages to use as suggestions during this difficult selection. Bible verses are often used.

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Made of Granite

Some people believe a simple statement better describes a loved one and they will decorate more with tombstone pictures and designs and keep the message simple with messages like: “Gone but not forgotten”, “Rest in Peace”, “In the Arms Of God” or “Fly With The Angels” Also popular is “Beloved Wife” Beloved Mother” or simply “Beloved”

Still other clients want the messages to tell of the person’s life. They may actually have inscribed paragraphs that include the name, dates of birth and death, their parent’s names and were and how the person died.

Most tombstone companies have few limits on the messages and designs they can produce. They can give prices based on the quality of the granite, the color, the size, and the number of words inscribed. (The installation will be included in the price.)

However, many cemeteries do have restrictions. Some cemeteries will only allow tombstones that lie flat so the grounds equipment can pass it without damage. Others require uniform markers, like military markers, where an entire garden of a cemetery must looks alike. Most have a minimum depth they will accept to keep the tombstone from breaking once settling occurs.

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Never before in history, have tombstone pictures been so precise

Sometimes a client will purchase lots that are side-by-side. This is normally for a man and wife. The size of the tombstone allows much more room for tombstone quotes, and tombstones messages. Often messages for mother and a messages for father will be inscribed on either side of a double tombstone. If there has been a loss of a child in the family, many times a miniature tombstone of the one ordered for mother and father is created and placed next to the parent resting place in a family lot.

Once the tombstone is designed, the message chosen and the price paid the tombstone will be ordered. Along with the tombstone some manufactures send personalized unveiling invitations cards. The tombstone is placed ahead of time and covered. At the time and date specified friends and family will gather and the tombstone is uncovered for all to see. This is such a unique honor, that the Tombstone invitations cards will probably be limited to family and close friends.

With the help of the Tombstone Company a perfect tombstone will be created and we will work hard to make sure it is exactly right. A beautiful tombstone assists families in closure at a most difficult time.

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