Tombstones Johannesburg: Where Death Is Remembered.

tombstones johannesburgDeath, so full of pain, leaves in its wake so much emptiness and one might ask why celebrate life or death? Why construct a memorial to this pain? This is a question that so many people wonder about in Johannesburg.

There’s an increase in tombstones Johannesburg sales. The variety of adult, child, baby headstones, headstones with frames, and headstones with frames and granite slabs knows no end. Vibrant colours, designs, and shapes, and life-like etches bearing the faces of the deceased. The Tombstones in Johannesburg also have accessories range from grave markers, plaques, picture frames, vases, angels, flat bibles, foundations, pavings, small slabs, steps, white pebbles, kerbs, and soccer balls. There’s no option unimaginable with a price to match.Tombstones Pretoria
But how is there such a boom in the grief industry? Johannesburg has a population of one million and represents a large portion of the declining South African mortality rate yet there’s an infant mortality rate threefold higher than that of any location with equivalent population income per capita where 39% of infant deaths and 43% of aged deaths are unreported.

Tombstones in PretoriaAnd this, unfortunately, is the truly the gravest concern. Here one can bear a child in a disease-ravaged, civil-torn society where the most unsuspecting heralds of death are seemingly insignificant letters like “H”, “I”, “V” or “T” and “B”. Letters and circumstance can steal the life of a child; the shame can steal the voice of the parent to report the death.

If there is a silver lining, it is hard to see where it exists for the people of Johannesburg. The crisis has created a new market opportunity and the beneficiaries are far from home. They are the security companies that patrol the 36 public cemeteries, the security system manufacturers who develop and install the motion sensors that pepper each plot, the tech firms who are producing and installing transmitters and microchips into the headstones to track and alert local authorities to the thefts and the insurance companies who now can protect the investment of the grieving for an additional premium. And in the midst of it all, there is the memory – memories that die when the breath that holds them ceases.

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