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The Powerful Tombstones You Will Find In Johannesburg

There are many tombstones in Johannesburg that aim to celebrate the lives of the lost loved ones. You will find angels grieving and statues of Jesus with outstretched arms. There are tombstone messages honoring the deceased, sometimes accompanied by a photo inscription of the loved one. Sometimes real pictures are used.

You may see that person captured in a moment of achievement, like her college graduation. The tombstones are a piece of art in themselves. There are granite headstones carved with beautiful curves and edges, shaped uniquely to each person who has been laid to rest. Then there are structures with pillars and roofs that make up a little temple of sorts. In that little temple will be a picture of the individual, with an inscription and flowers down beneath.

They may also have a scripture. There may also be a table holding a Bible. There are many stones engraved with hearts to symbolize the person’s spirit or soul. There are many tombstones in Johannesburg with something spiritual about them. Several religions are represented in Johannesburg, such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

These religions no doubt add to the diversity demonstrated by the assortment of headstones found here. While the vast majority of religiously influenced tombstones are Christian, you will find some Jewish stones set up in graveyards.

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Made of Granite

At the Tombstone Company, we take pride in our work when doing an installation. This is necessary for each project. Typical tombstones may be a single piece, with the name, birthday and date of death of the deceased etched into it, but some tombstones in Johannesburg are far more elaborate. The stones can be several pieces, tables, columns and roofs, with a centrepiece.

They require painstaking labour and attention to detail to be established properly. The stones are designed to stand the test of time. This endurance starts with the installers putting them together. The tombstones are more of an art than anything else. They celebrate life more than they do recognize death. You can see that by the sheer beauty that stones possess. You can feel it when you walk along the graveyard and see the intricate designs of the many gravestones. Johannesburg takes pride in how it celebrates the dead. There is something more than associating a person to a name. The people here share their loved ones. They want you to know who that is that passed away, and what made him special.

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Never before in history, have tombstone pictures been so precise

Tombstones Johannesburg is a lot more than just grave markers. They are life celebrators. They inspire you to live as the people lived. They are colourful and exclusive. They are more personal, too.

Even if you do not know the deceased, seeing her picture etched into the stone adds to the realism. Your hair might stick up on the back of your neck when you walk into a graveyard and see rows of tombstones with pictures on them of the people lying beneath you who no longer are.

The pictures add validity to those people, not only that they are dead, but that they lived. On many of the tombstones, you will also find a tribute celebrating how that person you just met lived. This is a powerful experience you will encounter when walking among tombstones in Johannesburg.

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