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What Are Granite Tombstone Prices In Johannesburg?

A tombstone is a way honouring the life of a loved one. It’s a permanent tribute to your loved one’s life and should depict the person’s personality, beliefs and values. The tombstone should be able to tell their life story in the most compelling way. Tombstone erections make part of the African culture and are practised by all religions in the Rainbow nation of South Africa.

Tombstone prices in Johannesburg vary greatly and will depend on many factors. The typical price range is from as little as R4000 for something small and of less quality to as much as R80,000 or more for big tombstones with many words written and carved from the best stones. With these in mind, you need to consider your requirements, designs and materials to be used on the tombstone before making up your mind to purchase one.

tombstone prices in pretoria
granite tombstone prices

Choosing the right memorial

Cemeteries have different regulations regarding the style and size of a memorial. Before you purchase a tombstone, you need to know the guidelines and regulations for the cemetery that you will be working with.

Does it allow upright tombstones or they have to be flat lawn markers?

Does it allow bronze or granite or a mixture of both? These are some of the things you need to consider before purchasing a tombstone. These will also help you get realistic price comparisons when talking with different tombstone manufacturers in Johannesburg.

tombstone prices in johannesburg
tombstone designs and prices


Granite Tombstone prices in Johannesburg are mostly based on the major components of the memorial. Colour and size of the tombstone will be the most dominant factors in determining the price.

Questions to Ask When Choosing A Tombstone in Johannesburg that will affect the Tombstone designs and prices

Erecting a tombstone in honour of your loved one is a final tribute you may offer. And whilst you might have a general idea of what you’d like the memorial to look like, there are a number of factors to keep in mind before making your decision to purchase.

1. How soon after a burial can I erect a tombstone?

It is widely recommended to erect a tombstone no earlier than six months after the arrival as this will have given the ground ample time to settle and become firm, preventing the possibility of the tombstone leaning. We can, however, do this much sooner as we will do a professional installation here at the Tombstone Company

2. Does the location of the memorial have an effect on the design choice?

Both the materials of the tombstone and design will be largely governed by the set regulations of the cemetery or church where it will be held. In either case, it is important to submit the proposed memorial to the relevant authorities before commencing any work.

3. What memorials can you choose for a cemetery?

If your tombstone will be placed in the public cemetery, your local council will have provided you with all the regulations when you first bought the grave. If not, they’ll be able to assist you in any matter.

4. Which memorials should you choose for a churchyard?

If a tombstone will be placed in a churchyard, certain general rules may apply. For instance, book designs, statuary and kerbing may not be allowed. Polished granite and marble may also not be permitted. For this reason, it will be important to find the right tombstone in-line with churchyard regulations. Doing this will help you know how to better compare pricing and get the right tombstone at the best possible price in Johannesburg.

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