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Tombstone Prices Are Based On the Materials Chosen and Ornamentation

Decisions regarding the Design of a memorial tombstone can be stressful, taking the time to research Tombstone Prices in Johannesburg early on can go a long way toward alleviating stress.

Tombstone Designs and prices can vary depending on the region in which the funeral is to be held and the ornamental detailing that is needed within the finished product. As with many things in life certain municipalities and memorial parks will have specific rules regarding size considerations and dimensions that are allowable and sometimes even materials that can be used.

Therefore, one of the very first pieces of information that needs to be defined is to know the rules regarding gravestones or memorial tombstones for the plot or plots that the installation will be done. Often a family plot can be marked by a large Tombstone Design that may be referred to as a monument stone. This allows several centrally located plots to be designated together as a family group.

As with many things in life the costs of Granite Tombstone Prices can be spread out over time and design and engraving decisions can be made early on, long before the stresses involved in the loss of a loved one. Another important piece of information that should be determined early on is installation practices.

If a tombstone is ordered through the funeral home, cemetery or memorial park, the park or funeral home will often include these fees within the purchase price. It is very important to ask this question at the beginning of the discussion. If this service is not provided for, then ask if and installation can be arranged for by the local monument installer. At Tombstone Company we will take care of this for you.

Tombstone prices
Tombstone prices in Pretoria

Materials will effect Tombstone Pricing

The most common materials used today is granite because they are durable, environmentally friendly and easy to maintain affecting the Tombstone Prices in Johannesburg.

Marble and limestone are available options, but the engraving can wear over time due to environmental factors such as acid rain and other local considerations. Final costs may be the determining factor for selection. We only use good quality Granite.

Tombstone designs and prices
Tombstone prices in Johannesburg

Cemetery Rules effecting Price of Tombstones

The exact costs involved will be determined by the specific rules outlined by the local authorities or cemetery guidelines.

Installation fees and applicable service that may apply as well, additionally the exact Tombstone selection will also be a factor when determining the final Granite Tombstone prices. These decisions will include not only material but structural design as well.

Granite tombstone prices

Design and Size will have a impact on Tombstone Prices

The shape and dimensions of the product will have measurable economic impact on the end cost. Such selections as material, color, lettering style, art work and type of finish used will influence the bottom line. The number of lines of the inscription is also a significant factor which may limit the wording selected.

It is impossible to deliver an accurate estimation of final fees without having it priced by the supplier or manufacturer in Johannesburg. A broad range of pricing to help with initial planning can assist with initial budget concerns. Tombstone prices can vary.

Inside our catalogue there will be photos from baby tombstones a single tombstone and double tombstones.

Double tombstone monuments often referred to as companion stones or group monuments are priced higher than those made for individuals, but can be less than the cost of two or more separate tombstones.

Tombstone prices are greatly effect by material selection. Granite not only has the widest range of color options but also will allow for more flexible and cost effective pricing. Limiting the number of engraved lines can also keep costs within budgeted expenditures.

The sooner the planning process begins the easier it will be to stay within a budget based on savings or insurance money allotted. Pre-planning can reduce stress, allow for a well thought out memorial and reduce expenditure. The best time to plan is now before the need arises.

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