The Design of Tombstones with Tombstone Pictures in Johannesburg

Tombstone Company Manufactures and Installs Granite Tombstones in Westpark Cemetery, Avalon Cemetery, Alexandra Cemetery, New Roodepoort Cemetery, Carletonville Cemetery, Kromvlei Cemetery, Ennerdale Cemetery, Alberton North Cemetery and many more.
Beautiful tombstones

Africa and its people have a rich history of diversity and uniqueness. Sometimes simply walking among  beautiful tombstones in memory of those gone ahead, expresses that unique heritage.

As early as 1600, people marked graves of deceased loved ones with wooden crosses or stones. Duringthat time there were no cemeteries and people were buried on their own land and the graves weremarked and the locations passed down from generation to generation. Often by the second or thirdgeneration, the Tombstone Pictures had deteriorated and the graves were remembered by landmarks near themsuch as a stream or tree.

As churches began the practice of providing a cemetery for the burial of local members, the art of making tombstone pictures evolved. In the 1700’s most tombstones were made of soft sandstone with thedeceased name and dates of birth and death carved into the stone. The problem was the information wore off too soon.

Made of Granite

Tombstone imagesBy the 1800’s the tombstones were being made of granite. It was soon discovered that granite was not 
only beautiful, but easy to work and lasted for decades. The custom of using granite was born and it is still used today.

Today’s tombstones images can be made so beautiful. Granite is now available in many luxurious colors. It can be carved into any shape. The stones can be highly polished and verses, pictures and designs are often added. In the past, tombstone Pictures were so expensive that only the wealthiest could afford them. Today even people with modest means can purchase a memorial for the family members who have passed away.

Pictures of tombstonesBeautiful tombstones are common place today and yet they are each custom made and unique.
Pictures of tombstones is a unique creation designed with love and skill and in memory of a single person. No two are alike.

Some tombstones are designed around actual pictures of the deceased. Often carved into granite; the image last for many decades. Other times a family will want an actual photograph which can be added to the tombstone images by use of a ceramic sealed photo frame. This also last for decades; though the quality of the photograph does come into play eventually.

Tombstones imagesNever before in history, have tombstone pictures been so precise. It is truly a work of art. An 
experienced and skilled tombstone manufacturer can produce just about anything a customer can imagine.

Most granite tombstones today are a combination of the above mentioned options. Most feature a design or boarder, a picture, the name of the deceased, the date of their birth and the date of their death. Some will usually add a verse as well.

Many times people will add their favorite Bible verse. They may offer a favorite poem or inscribe the nickname the deceased was called. When the design is complete, the manufacturer takes all the requirements and creates the pattern. This is first done on paper. This can give the customer a chance to actually see what the tombstone picture and verse will look like. This gives them the opportunity to make changes as sometimes the wording is too much for the stone and they may (and often do) decide to cut back on some of the words, or to choose a design or picture but not both. Once a general agreement is arrived at, the design is created again on paper and the proof is usually presented to the family to insure it is in fact what they want. Since all tombstones are custom ordered, we will require full payment before the tombstone is ordered.

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