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How To Select Tombstone Messages For Mother.

The loss of a mother is something no one should ever have to face, yet it is something that almost every adult will have to deal with at some point or another in their lives. There are no words of comfort for the living, nothing can truly make up for the loss of the first individual to ever love you, who literally nurtured your body with hers.

The bond between mother and child cannot ever be replaced. This makes Tombstone messages for mother that much more important. The words on your mother’s tombstone will be the only reminder of who she was. How can you possibly pack all of her attributes into 2 or 3 lines, etched forevermore onto a headstone?

Most funeral companies limit you to only 25 letters for the entire Tombstone quotes, charging you extra if you go over – but how do you compact her amazing life into so few spaces, when really and truly you could write a book of all the memories you shared together? Unfortunately, you cannot erect a Tombstone that covers her entire life story, but you know there are several key aspects you want to touch on.

Tombstone Company will allow 120 letters without charging you extra. First and foremost, she was someone’s daughter. Depending on if her parents are still alive, you may want to pay homage to them. Arguably, the loss of a child is even more heart wrenching than the loss of a parent, and you do not want to leave out the many years of her life prior to her motherhood – they had a huge impact on who she would grow to be.

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Second, her status as a devoted wife should not be left out, if she was still married at the time of her burial. If she and her husband had a good relationship, memorialize it – her partner was just as important to whom she was as she is to you.

This is also true if her partner has passed before she did – if the relationship was a good one, it should be mentioned. However, if her marriage ended in a bitter divorce, if she was never married, or if there was other bad blood between her and her previous partner, it is best to say nothing at all, rather than speak ill on her memorial.

Third, you will want to highlight your mother’s relationship between her children and her grandchildren. Of course, no one is perfect and there are surely some rough memories, as every relationship. However, as before, it is best to leave out any ill words when you are preparing or picking your mother’s tombstone message or quotes. You want to memorialize the good memories, both for yourself and for everyone else who might be paying a visit to her grave.

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Lastly, if religion was important to your mother, you should include that as well – a simple phrase such as “rest in peace,” “never forgotten” or some other short message of the comfort religion brought to her can easily honour her dedication and devotion to a higher power.

This reminds all who visit her that she has gone home to a better place, and provides comfort otherwise unattainable if that is your belief. No matter what you choose for your mother’s tombstones messages, take your time.

There is no rush, and the tombstone message for mothers is a special one, that just cannot be replaced – after all, it will stand the test of time, reminding all who pass by how truly special she was as lady.

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