Deciding on a Message to engrave on the Granite Tombstone in Johannesburg

We are specialists in the manufacturing of these lifelong memorials. Each of our granite stones is meticulously detailed to your specifications.

Tombstone Company Manufactures and Installs Granite Tombstones in Westpark Cemetery, Avalon Cemetery, Alexandra Cemetery, New Roodepoort Cemetery, Carletonville Cemetery, Kromvlei Cemetery, Ennerdale Cemetery, Alberton North Cemetery and many more.

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Brief History and Important Significance of Tombstones

Sadly Death is a part of life. Everyone who is born ultimately dies. When death comes to a loved one or to a special friend, his or her life will be commemorated in the message that will be carved indelibly into stone. Deciding on tombstones messages is a solemn and serious matter.

It should be a reflection, not only of what you wish to say, but of the person you are writing the quote or personal message about. Tombstones have been a tradition since Biblical times, although the types of messages have sometimes changed.

What you put on a tombstone messages becomes a permanent record of the deceased friend or family member and should be considered with thoughtfulness. Of course, birth and death are important for marking their time on Earth, but there are so many ways that you can say ‘good bye’ and ‘I love you’ on a tombstone.

Whether your message is spiritual, funny, entertaining, poetic or makes a point, remember that others who visit their grave will be reading what you have to tell about them.For example, tombstone messages for mother may include the names of her children, a loving message from those left behind, even a memory of her from life. Knowing the deceased person is very important in communicating what kind of person she was when alive.

The Importance Of Tombstones Messages

Tombstone messages are important, and you likely are going to share it with others who also knew the departed. There are tombstone invitation cards that can be distributed to let others know when a tombstone will be unveiled. The solemnity of both the celebration of their life and the passing of the loved one should not be taken lightly.

Appropriate messaging is important to provide information regarding date, time, and place of the tombstone unveiling as well as a brief message regarding the departed. Be certain to send out the invitations several weeks in advance so that loved ones can make their arrangements to attend.

Included in all Tombstone messages or quotes from us we can quote you for Colour Unveiling invitations cards if you need.Tombstone quotes can be simple or they can be involved. It does not matter if you wish to render a poem, a thought, a special saying of the loved one, or create your own clever and poignant parting words.

If the departed was identified by their profession, or by their impact on the lives of the survived, quotes can be as simple as a list of their personal accomplishments. Spiritual quotes are powerful to many and help the survived to resolve the passing of their loved ones, as well, and many times either involves Biblical quotes or special messages of prayer.

An Extension of Both The Departed and Those Left Behind

Before one passes on, a conversation may be an ally. Would the friend or family member want to be remembered in the same way you would like to remember them? Maybe they have their own quote in mind.

If you and the loved one do not see things in the same way, would they rather you remember them your way or the way they wish for others, throughout time, to view them. Just because you might find a quote perfect, your partner one might not agree.Think about tombstone messages as though they are an extension of both the departed and those he or she left behind.

The life, accomplishments, belief system and impact of their life on the lives of others can all be engraved for all eternity on stone. The departed lives on in the memories of those who were left behind, but also through eternity as those survivors also move on to the next plane of death

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