Granite Tombstone Designs in Johannesburg Should Be Timeless and In Remembrance

We are specialists in the manufacturing of these lifelong memorials. Each of our granite stones is meticulously detailed to your specifications.

Tombstone Company Manufactures and Installs Granite Tombstones in Westpark Cemetery, Avalon Cemetery, Alexandra Cemetery, New Roodepoort Cemetery, Carletonville Cemetery, Kromvlei Cemetery, Ennerdale Cemetery, Alberton North Cemetery and many more.

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Brief History and Important Significance of Tombstones

The solemnity of death consumes each of us at some point in our lives. We may lose our mother or father; we may lose a child, treasured friend, or an important mentor. In any situation where a loved one has passed on, tombstone Designs will be chosen to mark the grave, and help others to remember the loved one. Tombstone designs can be simple headstones or they can be elaborate and represent the life of the deceased.

The best tombstone designs are those that best show off the life of the departed loved one. Whether a simple granite tombstone is selected, or an elaborate and ornate tombstone that is etched with flowers, images, even renditions of the deceased’s image, the tombstone will be a permanent indicator that the loved one lived and was loved.

No matter what sentiments are felt by the departed, the headstones designs that you decide to choose become the life and memory of the departed. Whether the cost is a large part of your decision making process or if no cost is too high, there is a tombstone design that will fit not only your purse but also the personality of the dearly departed loved one.

Etchings in granite become a permanent part of the departed’s legacy, too. Thoughtful consideration should be made to present a respectful account of the person’s life, your memories, and other things that you wish for others to know.

Additional Features

Remember that your choice of tombstones designs for departed loved ones will become a permanent representation of him or her.

Spiritual beings should be remembered with a spiritually pertinent tombstone design. Mothers and fathers may be remembered through their children.

Additional features that may be included in the best Tombstones designs may be a vase for flowers, a crying or rejoicing angel, or an etching of the person who has passed away.

Personality and Final Epitaph

When choosing a tombstone design, keep in mind the personality and final epitaph you wish to present to those who are left behind.

As time moves forward the tombstone will remain. Will the design and message chosen withstand the test of time? Will it help others; strangers and descendants understand the life of the loved one they never knew?

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Delicate Tombstones

Will the tombstone design, itself, withstand the physical world in which it must rest in? Delicate tombstones are beautiful and may help to ease your own loss but if the design is to easily broken it may not be the memorial that you would hope for.

Creativity is the only limitation for gravestone designs. The loss of a child may cause parents to design a tombstone in the shape of a favorite toy, pet, or memory of the child. Many children’s grave stones are simple hearts to tell the passing child that they will always be loved.

Tombstone designs are important but so are the materials used. Here at Tombstone Company we only use first grade Granite. These are etched with images and important information that will memorialize the departed. Other types of headstones include the slab style that is nearly flush with the ground.Again, granite is a dominant choice.

This kind of headstone is not as resilient as their upright counterparts. Then there is the most solid and resistant style of tombstone, called a tablet style. This is a combination of both upright and slab. Thick and stable, it lies above the ground in a resting position to keep it from being toppled with time and age.

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