Pictures Of Tombstones: Out With The Old And In With The New

pictures of tombstonesWhen you create tombstone pictures or images in your mind’s eye, what appears? Do you envision the typical pictures of tombstones that are faded and morbid, the ones that are so commonly used in horror flicks and ghost stories? If so, you are not alone but, it is unfortunate. It is unfortunate that people see something that should be the last memory as something creepy and made for scary tales in sensationalized television and movies.

It is a sad fact that the most common image that appears for people is that of the faded old, grey and decaying rock with commemoratory words that are dulled and oft time unreadable. Shouldn’t your loved ones be decorated and remembered with beautiful tombstones, ones that uplift their lives? When your loved one passes, be it grandmother, spouse, child or even beloved pet, would it not be better to place what they loved on their last statement in this world? Something that makes those left behind smile when they visit their resting place instead of continues to mourn?tombstones images

Instead of the common rectangular Tombstone message of name and date, create pictures of tombstones that have moved ahead with time and technology. Perhaps that is too much, perhaps the masses are not ready for inset videos of their loved ones displaying happier moments or all the YouTube videos they ever created. Maybe a simple engraving of their favourite song lyrics and an etched photograph in the stone, or why not a complete stone, in statue form of them, with laughter and joy on their features? These images would be far more joyous and less geared towards long-term sorrow.

beautiful tombstonesSo often loved ones are no longer allowed to plant flowers or place them on gravesites due to lawn maintenance. Could tombstones be redeveloped to become more “user-friendly”, why not?

You must also consider the inside resting places as well as the outside gravesites. It is true that pictures of tombstones seem to exist outside in rows upon rows of marked graves. What of those in mausoleums? These are more climate controlled and may allow more flexibility with those “techie” ideas. Here you may be able to request audio or video insets if the financial means allow.

But, do all beautiful tombstones need to be just that, tombstones images? One could try memorials as well; markers, benches, living trees and beyond can also be a more abstract tombstone of sorts, one that is not only shared with immediate family but with all the lives that your loved one may have touched. Think of the joy they may bring beyond their passing.

tombstone imagesFinally consider an alternative, a more progressive image of a tombstone. Why not a virtual tombstone? With today’s increase of social sites on the internet, you may consider a tombstone that takes no real viable material beyond the virtually handcrafted. This tombstone would be one that could be searched and viewed by any and all, it could by chance be one of the most therapeutic tombstones. A source where loved ones left behind can leave their messages and eulogies for all to witness, tombstone images to cross all barriers. Here you could post the videos, the audio and the pictures and in turn see those that others may have collected, creating a “living” memorial to your dearly departed. In the end wouldn’t you rather have this beautiful image of a tombstone?

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