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How To Decide Which Headstones Designs To Use

Picking out headstones designs can be a somber event, and many are faced with too many choices and not enough information. Today, there are multiple choices for headstone designs including the type of stone, the color(s), and the style of writing engraved.

One of the most important things when researching is to remember is climate in which the tombstone will be placed. Make sure it can with stand the rain, snow, ice, and heat. Headstones can be made from multiple different substances including Granite, Marble, wood and Sandstone to name a few. Granite: This is a common choice as it’s durable and can with stand the harsh climates.

Granite is also a one of the easiest to design and can accommodate any lettering and or picture. The Tombstone Company only use good quality Granite to make all their tombstone designs. Marble: Much like granite, is also easier to. Marble: Much like granite, is also and easier to carve, although after a long period of time the lettering and sketching can be deteriorated and unreadable.

headstones designs
tombstone design

Made of Granite

Wood: The art of carving dates back to the 17th century and still holds a valuable place today. In fact earlier tombstone designs were carved from large pieces. Although wood can make for a beautiful headstone, today more and more are being made from granite, as wood cannot hold up against time like the other substances.

Sandstone: This material is easy to chisel and manipulate for designs. However, it is a tad porous and can crumble if lamination is not done properly. Lamination is a clear coat that is placed over the after a design is set. If lamination is not sealed tightly around the stone, it can create small spaces in which rain and particles can become trapped.

Once decided on what material to use for the headstone, the next step is to determine size and shape. Just like material, there are multiple shapes and sizes to choose from, although most tombstones are either a semi-circle(rounded) or a square shape. Each shape is unique to the person, and can be manipulated to stand out among the other tombstones.

Please contact us to receive our free Tombstone catalogue. Semi-circle: Imagine a circle cut directly in the middle and placed on the ground. Square shaped: Plain like the semi-circle, but do not underestimate the simplicity. Last and final step would be to choose which design to use. This included lettering, sketches and pictures if chosen. Designing a headstone can be a work of art if you let it.

best tombstones designs
headstone designs

Never before in history, have tombstone pictures been so precise

Lettering: Can either be carved from wood, chiseled in stone, or can be made from metal in which case the metal pieces are set on top of the stone itself creating two layers. If lettering is carved in, more often, the grooves will be painted either white or black to stand out from the stone.

Pictures: This is a more personal touch for a designer headstone. Depending on the maker of the tombstone a photo of a collage of pictures can be placed and laminated on the front or back of the marker. Phrases or scriptures: Often, families will want certain scriptures or phrases to be engraved underneath the deceased person’s name and date(s).

This again can be customized, and can be engraved on the front or back of the tombstone. One of the greatest things about having a designer headstone is it caters to the deceased person and can make it simple to find the grave after it has been placed in a cemetery. Designer headstones are becoming more customizable with each passing decade. Contact the Tombstone Company to help you find the best tombstones designs

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