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What Are Some of the Headstones Designs Available?

There are lots of choices for having a special headstone design for a loved one. Headstones designs use to be made out of different materials like wood and metal but time has proven that these materials don’t stand up very good over time. The preferred material today is granite Headstone or Tombstones which even comes in some beautiful colors.

Some people point out technical differences between headstones and tombstones but the majority seem to use them one in the same or interchangeably. Technically the headstone is at the head of the grave and the tombstone design is just part of the grave or meaning on the tomb itself. Where the stone or marker is placed makes a big difference to some people. Regardless of these technicalities there are plenty of styles and designs of these headstones

Headstone designs
Best tombstones designs

Made of Granite

The headstone designs are usually carved into the choice of granite stone. The variety of colors and patterns in the granite is really amazing; Sellers of these stones have an amazing choice just in the stone color and pattern on them. Some of the common granite stone colors include black, white, red and brown.

The tombstone designs will be put together by you and created from the many design templates that are available at these headstone companies. Once you choose from many different designs the artwork is put on the stones by using rotary bits and sandblasting the material.

At the Tombstone Company we offer lots of selections of designs and there seems to be a little bit of everything to choose from. There are some online sites that sell granite and bronze tombstones. The design process can be done step by step by you. There are lots of templates and artwork to choose from and you really are creating your very own special memorial for the person you are honoring. Please contact us to receive our free Catalogue to help you choose the best Tombstones designs.

The first step is to pick out a fitting stone that personifies the person you are honoring. There are many different styles of stone on the market. Some lay flat on the ground where others like the tall free standing ones create a more elegant look. Pick the one that identifies the person of honor. There are even designs unique that honor your pet. These pet tombstones come in different shapes and prove to be quite the memorial of your best friend.

Tombstone design
Headstones designs

Never before in history, have tombstone pictures been so precise

Once you have chosen the type of headstone you want to represent your loved one you can then go on to select the template and detailed design that you will put on the surface of the stone. The Template is the border which will enclose the text that you want on the stone. There are religious, floral, testimonial, children, sports like fishing and many other basic templates to create your own unique piece of artwork.

The selection of artwork available for your headstones is really endless. Finding the one that best fits the person you are honoring is really an original creation by you and this symbolizes the kind of family and person you are. Enjoy this beautiful process of designing your own tombstone.

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