Some Important Factors That Determine Granite Tombstone Prices in Johannesburg

Granite tombstone pricesTombstone Company Manufactures and Installs Granite Tombstones in Westpark Cemetery, Avalon Cemetery, Alexandra Cemetery, New Roodepoort Cemetery, Carletonville Cemetery, Kromvlei Cemetery, Ennerdale Cemetery, Alberton North Cemetery and many more.

Granite tombstones are relatively the commonest tombstones and the most expensive tombstones because of certain inherent advantages. The first advantage is a variety of colours. Granite offers different kinds of colours that gives buyers an option of picking a particular colour or a set of colours. Combination of different granite colours gives tombstones a very beautiful appearance. This leads to the second advantage of granite tombstones. Beauty is another reason granite tombstones cost a little higher than the tombstones of other materials. Granite headstones are generally more beautiful in appearance.

Another reason granite is the most preferred headstone material is durability. No matter how long, granite will never break like slate. It does not get stained or change its colour like marble and neither does it lose value like sandstone. Granite can withstand decades of ice, snow, heat, rain and all other harsh weather conditions and still maintain its original shape, form and colour. Since tombstones are built for long-term memorability, the importance of durability of headstone cannot be over-emphasized.Tombstone prices in Pretoria

Granite can go through different types of manipulations and still come out beautiful. It can withstand hard etching and still emerge more beautiful. Granite can also withstand the pressure of sandblasting for a long time and it would retain its shape and beauty. Granite can be polished and it can also be carved into different beautiful shapes.

Because granite is made of several minerals like mica, quartz and feldspar, it contains little fragments of different colours like brown, blue and green and these fragments flicker in the sun. This feature adds to the beauty of granite. The most wonderful part is that this feature does not fade with time.Tombstone designs and prices

Although granite tombstones are usually costlier than tombstones of other materials, there are price differentials among different types of granite tombstones too. Factors that determine the prices of granite s have been enumerated below.

Size is one of the factors that determine the prices of granite tombstones. The bigger the size of a tombstone, the more expensive it is. That is if all other factors remain equal. However, most cemeteries dictate accepted sizes of tombstones because of land space.

Another factor that determines the price of a headstone is its overall design and finishing. Some designs cost more than others. Generally, simple designs cost less than complex, more beautiful and more technology driven designs. Hence, tombstone designs and prices always work hand in hand.Tombstone prices in Johannesburg

The length of the epitaph written also plays a role in granite tombstones prices. More words incur higher cost. However, the price difference caused by the length of an epitaph is very little compared to that of other factors and granite tombstone prices.

For granite tombstone prices in Johannesburg, choice of a cemetery is another determinant. Some cemeteries impose higher charges to build tombstones than some other cemeteries. Apart from that, a lot of cemeteries have been sub-divided into different categories for different social classes of people. The implication of this is that the charges are different to build tombstones in different categories within the same cemetery.

Even among tombstones made of granite, colour can be a price differentiating factor. Tombstones built of black granite are usually more expensive than tombstones of other granite colours because black granite is believed to be heavier and more durable than other colours of granite. Apart from that, a headstone designed with a combination of several colours of granite would definitely be costlier than the one designed with just one colour.

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