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A Beautiful Tombstone can say so much.

Although the very nature of the tombstone suggests loss, sadness or bereavement, many people choose to make their final statement at least pleasing if not beautiful to witness. The choice of a tombstone often says more about a person’s life than their life itself.

Some might even describe the phrase of the beautiful tombstone as an oxymoron of sorts but a quick walk through many cemeteries worldwide can easily dispel this notion. People throughout history have aspired to make a loved one’s final resting place more eye-pleasing and meaningful by creating more and more beautiful tombstones than the normal cross or plain chiselled stone.

There are numerous examples of these in almost any cemetery in the world and as knowledge and technology increased so did the creativity and artistry put into the production of a beautiful tombstone. Many examples of these truly beautiful tombstones can be observed by simply searching online for tombstone images or even pictures of tombstones.

Just a simple search will bring up some magnificent examples such as the tomb of Gerard Barthelemy in Paris, France at the Paris’ Cemetiere de Montparnasse. The centrepiece of the tomb is a magnificently sculpted rose-coloured Roseate Spoonbill. Another fine example of an interestingly beautiful tombstone is in Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, Oregon. The tombstone stands at the final resting place of Paul G Lind and demonstrates his almost fanatic love for the game of scrabble.

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Made of Granite

Beautiful tombstones don’t have to be unique individual stones, they can also consist of entire cemeteries. The Chichicastenango Cemetery in Guatemala is a fantastic example of just that. Virtually all of the tombstones are designed like small buildings or shrines and they are all painted in bright cheery colours.

It’s hard to picture anyone staying down in an upbeat cheerful atmosphere of this grand of a scale. There are also beautiful tombstones that depict what was the departed soul’s chosen occupation or career. One such stone stands in the very fascinating Highgate Cemetery in London, England. Concert pianist, Harry Thornton, is symbolized by a small rendition of a grand piano. In Nashville, Tennessee at the Spring Hill cemetery a tall monolith centres a simple monument to the Grand Old Opry fiddle player, Roy Acuff.

Many artists, musicians and actors have beautiful touching tombstones. Tombstones come in many various shapes and sizes from the smallest of squares with just names and dates of the deceased to huge cathedral looking vaults as large as a small home. They can be excessively showy and sometimes even bizarre but in the eye of the left behind loved one, even the strangest tombstone has meaning and is in its own way beautiful.

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beautiful tombstones

Never before in history, have tombstone pictures been so precise

Engravings, symbols and pictures on tombstones also present a certain beauty to the beholder. Many symbols depict an obvious event or person but many leave a great deal to the imagination. Most engravings are of the religious nature but many can have a dark or sinister implied theme.

Some can even be very confusing and mysterious. All of these enhance even more to their beauty and uniqueness. Beautiful tombstones add character and grace to cemeteries. What is always going to be a place of serene melancholy thoughts and feelings is somehow made more tolerable by symbols and monuments of tombstones depicting the life and accomplishments of the deceased loved one.

Even though nothing will ever replace them or bring them back, the more beautiful and meaningful the tombstone the easier it becomes to come to terms with the loss.

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