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Brief History and Important Significance of Tombstones

First of all, what is a tombstone?

A tombstone is a stone usually slate-like or stone tablet placed on the grave of a deceased. It bears the identity of the deceased and short note about him or her. A tombstone is also known as headstone or gravestone. The main reason tombstone is becoming more widely accepted is durability. Over one hundred years after, the short note on the tombstone would still be very visible and legible. So tombstones are now being used as a form memorabilia.

The short message usually includes the deceased’s name, date of birth, date of death and a little about him or her. Some messages even include the date of the burial. In the past the stone cover of a stone coffin was used as some kind of tombstone and a message was written on it. But that idea changed over time. The garden cemetery that was built in France, in the year 1804 is said to be the first place where real tombstones were built.

Materials used for tombstones are fieldstones, sandstones, slate, granite, marble and limestone. In conclusion, the importance and significance of tombstones is now on the increase and so the craft of building tombstone is becoming more popular as more technology driven creativity and innovation now go into it. So there are several designs now. It is now pure artwork as some tombstones are great specimen of human creativity. Here at Tombstone Company we only use 1st grade Granite.

Tombstone Company
Tombstone Company

Take the Time Now To Consider Tombstone Messages

It is one of the most challenging times during the course of life to consider. What to have embossed on a tombstone may be one of the most challenging considerations. Taking the time now to accomplish this important task will reduce the stress and pressure that inevitable accompanies the loss of a loved one.

Tombstone messages are intended to be personal, to reflect a feeling or sentiment that is in tune with the life being memorialized in stone. This may seem odd to say but the sentiment does not need to follow any rules. Inspiration can be found in many places from nature to intellectual pursuits.

To Find the right Tombstone Messages is not a process which should be held back or rushed. All potential words or phrases should be considered. Write down multiple possibilities while reading them back over and over again. The ones that stand out will begin to stick out without any struggle. It may take a little time to reduce this number to a few very special sayings.

There are plenty of resources to be found when looking for sources of inspiration. Each individual piece of work is completely different. Tombstone messages take the art of the memorial marker from generic to especially unique. Resist the temptation to use overly popularized phrases or messages unless they truly reflect the best sentiment.

Tombstone pictures
Tombstone designs

Custom Markers Are Personalized With Tombstone Pictures

The final honor given departed loved ones is expressed in the tombstone placed on their final resting place. Granite markers last for many generations. That is why granite is chosen to create tombstones. With today’s technology there are no limits to the designs and even pictures that can be carved into a granite tombstone.

Whether the picture is one that expresses a love in their life or a likeness of the departed, a picture keeps memories in place for the future generations of their family to enjoy. Tombstone pictures are more than just designs. They are an expression of someone dear. They secure a place in the history of a family heritage. It takes a highly trained and highly skilled manufacturer to create the tombstone/ tombstone pictures to ensure a legacy unforgettable.

The tombstone pictures are made to withstand all weather conditions. The time it takes to create the additional picture is minimal and should not delay the arrival of the tombstone. The affect the tombstone picture has on those attending the unveiling is very touching and allows a sense of comfort. Few things in this world are permanent, but a granite tombstone with a tombstone picture is forever.

Tombstone Prices

Tombstone Designs for All Tastes

When it comes to tombstone designs, one’s creativity and imagination are the only real limits. The upright version of a tombstone may be designed in the shape of a musical instrument or a symbol. As examples, tombstones can be in the shape of a harp or a heart.

Uprights may also have pictures superimposed upon the text, or near the text. The pictures may be drawings or actual photos.

Tombstone colors vary from black to white, red and brown. Award winning tombstones have featured elements such as a drawing of a VW Bus with the two drivers placed inside, and each of their names etched underneath their pictures.

Another beautiful design features a sketch of the departed man fishing by a lake and his name and dates appropriately placed. Designs may be highlighted on both sides of the tombstones.

An example of this would be to have an etching of the departed individual on the front, words in memorial, and sunrise/sunset etchings on the back with poetic verse to accompany.

Tombstone company
Tombstone Prices

What Must Be Known Concerning Tombstone Prices

Many factors are involved with creating a tombstone. The variations and choices made by the client to memorialize a loved one have an effect on the tombstone prices. The first thing that must be considered is the quality of the granite. Granite comes in different thicknesses. There are first rate granite companies and there are less than first rate (which is cheaper).

At Tombstone Company we will not accept anything less than the best quality for such an important item. The color of the granite sometimes affects the tombstone price and the designs chosen. Some designs are so detailed that it takes additional time and expertise to create them. Most companies will allow choices that will keep the prices set, but will allow for additions at an additional charge.

We allow you 120 letters for free on the Tombstone but if you have a need for more this can be arranged but it might have a small effect on the Tombstone prices. The final consideration is the installation. Most cemeteries charge so much per square inch if installed by employees of the cemetery. In order to ensure the protection and proper installation of the tombstone, we at Tombstone Company factor the installation into the price of the tombstone for the protection of the client.

Tombstone designs

Tombstones Are Sometimes Called Gravestones - An Interesting History

It may come as a surprise that Tombstones as they are known today have not always been in use. The use of an elaborate engraved memorial marker is somewhat of a modern tradition. In earlier centuries and even up to the early 20th century burials where often in family plots located not far from the home.

As larger cities developed and the world became more industrialized and crowed into cities with less and less land available, municipal plots where developed and church practices included congregational burial grounds. The use of a traditional elongated square or rectangular shape memorial marker did not emerge until the late 1600 hundreds and did not evolve into general use until the early 19th century. The earliest versions were made of slate and the inscriptions engraved on them were quite shallow in nature.

These inscriptions were readable but tended to be erased with intense weathering over long periods of time. It really was not until the 20th century that people began to see the tombstone or gravestone with messages as an important memorial marker, with a need to endure the weather and stand as a testament to a life for all time. Writing your own message was very popular in the early 1900’s and has regained its popularity in today’s ceremonies.

A genuine attempt to capture the essence of a life is often the focus of the phrases or statements chosen. Today we often refer to larger burial grounds and memorial parks, which are often elaborately landscaped and contain gardens, walking paths and benches. There is a vast diversity in burial practices all over the world and the use of memorial tombstones has often been for the wealth or infamous of their day. Today the practice helps us honor our family and friends.

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